Steve de Jung

de Jung Motorsport was started in 1983. Steve's interest started years before.

I can remember in 1964 watching a neighbor coming home with a new 356 SC coupe. I started my car life with Volkswagens and purchased my first Porsche in 1969, a ‘58 cab. I drove that ‘58 356 until rust no longer allowed the doors to close. The engine then found its way into my 1964 VW bus.

My professional life started in the mid 70’s at a foreign auto repair shop in Greenbrae, CA. By 1979 I opened a German auto service and repair shop with an old school mate in Santa Rosa, CA. In ‘83 I ventured off and started de Jung Motorsport serving the north bay area here in Northern California.

Over the years I’ve been fortunate to meet so many people in the Porsche world. These include owners, collectors and racers.  And, there are the many business relationships from shop owners, specialty machinists, fabricators, tuners, engineers, parts providers, journalists, photographers, editors and the list goes on. All of these individuals contribute to the rich and deeply satisfying world where I live and work.

-  Steve de Jung

de Jung Motorsports is dedicated to providing honest, accurate, detail oriented maintenance and repair with an eye towards factory correctness through the use of the highest quality parts available.